Aria Petrochemical Co.

Aria Petrochemical Co.

Aria Petrochemical Company has been located in Chabahar free zone. Natural Gas is going to be used as the plant`s feedstock to produce Methanol and subsequently downstream.


About the company


Aria Petrochemical Company has been stablished in 1392 (2011) in Chabahar Industrial & Commercial free zone. The project has been defined as a GTX complex to be constructed in two phases. At the first phase  of the Complex, Natural Gas as feedstock to be changed to Methanol and at the second phase Methanol will be converted to Olefin initially and to PP and HDPE finally.
Main Products/ Design Capacity Polypropylene: 480 KTA


Feedstock Natural Gas: 1594 MNm۳/year
Location Aria Petrochemical Complex has been located on a 50-Hectare area at MOKRAN Petrochemical Park, in Chabahar Free Zone.
Products Application Methanol: Production of MTBE (a gasoline additive which boosts the octane level), acetic acid, solvents, resins, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, various types of plastics, DME, MTP and MTO

PP & HDPE: Production of

Aria Petrochemical Complex`s Products (thousand metric tons per year)

Products First Phase Second Phase
Methanol ۱۸۵۰
Propylene (Intermediate) (۴۵۰)
Ethylene (Intermediate) (۲۸۰)
Polypropylene (Final) ۴۸۰
Poly ethylene (Final) ۲۵۰