Marun Petrochemical Co.

Marun Petrochemical Co.

Marun Petrochemical Company was founded in 21/01/1999 to perform the Seventh Olefin. Through implementing this project which is one of the greatest Olefins in the world with the capacity of producing 1/1 million tons of polyethylene, for the first time in the country, the extracted (Ethan) C2 from natural gas is transformed into Olefin materials, Polymeric and chemical products.

Location Land  Area(m2) Start Up Date licensors
Asalluyeh 1,020,000 Aug-06 Linde – Shell

Marun`s Main Products (thousand metric tons per year)

Products Capacity

(metric tons per year)

1,900,000 Ethane
200,000 Propylene
300,000 Polypropylene
400,000 MEG
1,100,000 Ethylene
300,000 Heavy polyethylene
83,000 Pyrolysis Gasoline
168,000 C3+