Middle East Kimia Pars Petrochemical Co.

Middle East Kimia Pars Petrochemical Co.

Middle East Kimia Pars Petrochemical Company will go on stream in the 2nd phase of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Asaluyeh by the end of 2018. Natural gas is the feedstock used in the Middle East Petrochemical Company to produce Methanol, a primary liquid petrochemical also known as wood alcohol.

As part of the project, Holdor Topsoe, technology provider, supplied licensing and basic engineering as well as proprietary catalyst and equipment for the methanol plant.

Petrofarhang owns 84 percent of the plant which is going to be on stream in 2019.

Main Products/ Design Capacity Methanol: 1650 KTA
Feedstock Natural Gas: 1500 Mm3/Year
Location Middle East Kimia Pars Petrochemical Company is located on a 7.5-Hectare area in South Pars free zone.
Products Application Production of MTBE (a gasoline additive which boosts the octane level), acetic acid, solvents, resins, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, various types of plastics, DME, MTP and MTO
Location Land  Area(m2) On Stream IRR
Asaluyeh ۷۴,۸۰۰ ۲۰۱۹ ۳۴.۳۴%

Middle East Kimia`s Main Products (thousand metric tons per year)

Products Nominal capacity Feedstock licensors On Stream
Methanol ۱۶۵۰ Natural Gas: 1500 Mm3/year Haldor Topsoe ۲۰۱۹
Oxygen: 744  Mm3/year