Petrofarhang Holding Company Purchases Shares of Sepehr Energy

Petrofarhang Holding Company Purchases Shares of Sepehr Energy

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Petrofarhang Holding Company purchased 51%  of Sepehr Energy’s stock in july  2018 , Petrofarhang also got three? board seats as well.

Mahdi Nikdel, TIF board member and CEO, said: “Iran has a comparative advantage in energy and petrochemical industries.” The comparative advantage enjoyed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in these industries is reflected not only in our rising share in total petrochemical exports but also in the market share growing, he mentioned. He was optimistic about the expected economic impact of buying 51% of Sepehr Energy on Petrofarhang`s role in the entire petrochemical industry.

With almost 6 million tons of methanol production annually, Petrofarhang is going to be a leading global producer of methanol in the next five years.

“TIF has aligned all its resources and strategies to serve the growth and development programs to achieve this goal”, he declared.

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