-  Friday 22 March 2019

Pardis Azarbayjan

Pardis Azarbayjan Petrochemical Industries Company was established in 2015 located in North West of Iran; next to Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan borders, easy for export its products. It is going to be constructed in Maku Industrial & Economical Free zone and will be exempted from taxes and government charges for 20 years from production start-up.

This petrochemical complex will use 1.5 billion normal cubic meter per year natural gas from local pipeline as feedstock  to produce 5000 MT/D Methanol. The produced methanol will be used in MTO (Methanol to Olefin) plant for production of Ethylene & Propylene. Using propylene, 450,000 tons of Polypropylene will be produced annually and by using Ethylene 200,000 tons Polyethylene (HDPE) will be produced approximately.