Parseh Petrofarhang Company

Due to Iran's special privileges of various products such as Oil, Gas and Petrochemical products on one hand, and the unique geographical position on the other hand, turn this country into a smooth way in transit; regardless of the political and economic constraints. It can be said that Iran has a significant comparative advantage in refinery and petrochemical business.

Moreover, based on the current projections about refinery and petrochemical industry, it is anticipated that the market of these products gradually become more competitive. It is also expected that in future, the companies and groups have a chance of success which consider international marketing as a key component.

So it is quite clear that for playing an important role in the field of Oil, Gas and petrochemical in the target markets and beside industrial infrastructure development, marketing of petrochemical products should be seriously considered.

In this regard, Parseh Petrofarhang Commercial Company has been established by Petrofarhang Company which is one of its subsidiaries, in the interest of import, export, transit, swap, and bunkering Oil products as well as implement related projects such as constructing storage installation.