1. Proficient and wise investment in economic activities specifically in oil, gas and petrochemicals industries as well as business and commercial affairs to increase value added for all honorable teachers.

  2. Petrofarhang endeavors to increase its international market share by means of advanced technologies, proper investments, forming domestic and overseas strategic partnerships, and optimal managing of organization and financial resources.

  3. To achieve maximum revenue, Petrofarhang is determined to utilize scientific principles in different scopes of management, teamwork, systems and strategic thinking along with using experienced and expert human resources.

We believe that following criteria guarantee our organization’s sustainability and development:

  1. Cost Management

  2. Sustainable and profitable growth

  3. time and quality

  4. Entrepreneurship

  5. commitment to the core values

  6. upholding professional ethics of the society

  7. human resources empowerment

  8. Protecting human dignity

  9. taking social responsibilities

Major Goals and Objectives

  1. Improving economic efficiency and sustainable profitability

  2. Improving the stakeholders satisfaction

  3. Empowering human resource

  4. Increasing investments and developing partnerships

  5. Taking social responsibilities

  6. Increasing market share


Core Values

  1. protecting the dignity of teachers society

  2. Responsibility and organizational accountability

  3. creativity and innovation

  4. Honesty and transparency