Pars Middle Eastern Petrochemical


The letter of credit of Kimiai Pars Middle East Company was opened in September 2014. At that point, similar methanol projects had a much higher physical progress than Kimia Pars Middle East. After 4 years of continuous and redoubled efforts, this company was recognized as a model of progress and was officially opened in August 2019 by the order of the president.

The huge 1,650,000 ton methanol project of Kimiai Pars Middle East, despite the removal of MC, was put into operation in a decent manner with the round-the-clock efforts of domestic experts with a favorable standard. With the opening of this company and the production of 1,650,000 tons of methanol, 100% of which is for export, in addition to helping to generate foreign currency and creating jobs in the country, it will bring rich profits to the fund’s members.


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No. 3, 4th floor, Saro Gharbi, Asman corner, Saadat Abad, Tehran