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The company’s ethylene unit was put into operation in March 2018 and its ethylene glycol unit was put into operation in 2014 with the efforts of the managers and the support of Farhangian Reserve Fund. Most of the ethylene produced in this complex is converted into the valuable product monoethylene glycol (MEG). Pearl MEG unit with a feed of 340,000 tons of ethylene and 368,000 tons of oxygen per year and products such as 500,000 tons per year of monoethylene glycol, 50,000 tons of diethylene glycol (DEG) and 3,400 tons per year of triethylene glycol. TEG) was put into operation in January 2014. Product production in this complex was completed in the absence of all technology providers and in the conditions of severe international sanctions while the managers, specialists and all personnel of Marwarid Petrochemical managed to complete this vital project with their admirable efforts and relying on their knowledge and high executive skills. to complete This project was a very important step towards completing the value chain of products and developing downstream industries, which was taken in one of the most difficult implementation conditions of projects. The ethylene glycol production line of this company is the largest ethylene glycol production plant in Iran and the ethylene glycol produced has a purity of 99.9999%.


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