SITCO Petrochemical, Oil and Gas


Seco International Trading Company (SITCO) was established in 2011 as the commercial arm of Sepehr Energy Group.

Business activities:
  • Trading in the field of exporting petrochemical products and oil products to the markets of China, India, Turkey, CIS countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • Trade in petrochemical products such as methanol, ammonia, urea, polymers, PVC, sulfur and other chemical products.
  • Trade in petroleum products such as fuel oil, diesel, light and heavy naphtha, condensate, LPG and base oil.
Project equipment supply:
  • Supplying parts and equipment in general for the projects of Sepehr Energy Company and other petrochemical and oil complexes.
Sale of products produced by Sepehr Energy Company projects:
  • The exclusive exporter of products produced by Sepehr Energy Holding projects, including methanol and its derivatives, after the launch of Sablan, Dana and Siraf projects.


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1st floor, Unit 2, No. 3, Sina Building, No. 3, in front of the factory, Avesta Street, Deh Vanak Street, Sheikh Bahai Square, Tehran